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Goal of the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering develops an innovative and appropriate technology of engineering for our society and educates students to utilize these technologies. Our School also creates the academic and technical knowledge to solve global issues with which humankind are faced and.returns our fruitful achievement to our society.

Concept of the School of Engineering

A rapid development of engineering technology has made a remarkable progress in human productivity and has given a lot of benefits to us. On the other hand, it has destroyed our environment and has spread a spiritual desolation as same as material prosperity.
To enjoy a bountiful life in future, we must change from an old concept of technology which consumes natural resources for short-term prosperity to a new concept of technology which enables us to build a society based on the principle of sustainable development. To solve social and global problems, we also need to create a new approach which combines the achievements of traditional engineering with knowledge of other fields beyond the traditional view of engineering concerned solely with elements.
It is the most important to train students to professional engineering researchers and technicians who will work within this framework to pursue the new vision of engineering which aspires to fulfill human ideals in order to meet the challenges of modern society and of rapid changes in industria1, social and economic structures. This is the basic concept of the School of Engineering.

Educational Aims of the School of Engineering

The School trains students to acquire the following knowledge and skills.

  • (1)the intellectual and moral ability to think of the happiness and welfare of mankind and to be conscious of ethics and their responsibility to society.

  • (2)the ability to apply their knowledge and technical skills for solving Practical problem as engineers.

  • (3)the ability to learn themselves.

  • (4)effective communication skills of logical description, presentation and discussio.

  • (5)the analytical and integrated ability to go beyond the acquisition of separate chunks of knowledge in order to think generally and systematically.

  • (6)the ability to discover and solve problems while taking into consideration demands of the society

  • (7)the ability to think from a broad and flexible viewpoint based on an awareness of the existence of diverse values, regional characteristics and cultural contexts.

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